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The VENSYS VENSTORE and VENSYS VENSTORE Lion battery storage ensure reliable electricity input from different energy sources and provide the stored energy at exactly the time when needed. The storing of electrical energy allows you to become more independent of increasing electricity prices.

VENSTORE storage solutions are unique thanks to their modular structure and the associated, nearly limitless scalability. VENSTORE storage systems and VENSYS VENCON inverters guarantee high power density and versatility. Equipped with proven technology and innovative network management capabilities, this system solution is available in both, an indoor and outdoor cabinet.   





News / Events

Energy Decentral 2018

VIP visitor from our neighbouring district Vechta.

District Chief Executive Herbert Winkel from Vechta visited VENSYS Elektrotechnik.

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"Diepholzer Berufsmesse" 2018 | June 14th - 16th, 2018

Junior staff wanted. To ensure a future with clean energy.

The apprentices and responsible persons of VENSYS Elektrotechnik GmbH will participate at the exhibition for career opportunities "Diepholzer Berufsmesse" to present the future job offers for apprentices.

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